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It’s 1982…

Men and women from over the globe have gathered to compete in this international ballroom dance competition. A while later, a fashion coup follows which sees reigning dancers throw away their tutus.

Fast forward 36 years…

What was touted to be a fashion coup then proved to be the biggest revolution for ballroom dance dress! Since then, this dress has seen many transformations, with the high point of today’s ballroom dress being rhinestones.

Defining them as glistening, sparkling & colourful precious stones that embellish these dresses!

Let’s see how these precious, colourful stones help enhance the appeal of ballroom dresses.

Be it Latin dress or one in the American style or the standard ones; all advanced dresses come with these embellishments. Depending on your dance moves, adornment of rhinestones on these dresses varies.

These precious stones bring charm to any environment, whether it is a performance or a competition. They add the much-needed bling to cloth pieces.

However, the right mix and choice of rhinestones become essential in making a dance dress perfect.

Making the choice

Getting into selecting rhinestones for your next ballroom dance dress will be fun and entertaining. Nevertheless, all of it comes with an overwhelming need to be perfect in making these choices.

Visualise it from an artist’s viewpoint.

You are given a large, spotless canvas with many colours to choose from. Imagine the possibilities that can be painted on it. Yes, it’s baffling. The canvas is your ballroom dress, and the colours are rhinestones. The choices you make will decide how your painting comes out to be.

So, let’s ease out this confusion a bit. Check these tips to make the right choice for a perfect ballroom dress.

Choose the right size of stones

Rhinestones are available in different shapes and sizes. With bigger ones being used just once or twice, smaller ones adorn these dresses in multiple places.

For ballroom dresses like a Latin dress, the choice of sizes defines the depth this dress lends to viewers. So, this choice is a difficult one to make. Hence, experts suggest that for achieving the right depth, you can go with a mix of two to three sizes at a go.

Decide the number of rhinestones to embellish

The number of precious stones you are choosing depends entirely on whether it is the basic type or the advanced. It also depends whether you are going for an American smooth/Standard or an American Rhythm/Latin.

The more sophisticated a dance is, the lesser use of rhinestone is suggested as it will give dancers a scope to perform freely.

Pick the right colours

Colour of rhinestones is dependent on the dress’ hue you have chosen. However, it is necessary that you match the ones that reflect the right colours. So, take expert advice and go for stones with right cuts. Also, take a look at the latest colours introduced lately.

That’s all with choosing rhinestones for a perfect ballroom dance dress. Good luck with your next performance!

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