by on April 11, 2019

I am sorry but I think nothing that comes from MLB The Show 19 Stubs Ramones idiotic face. Something changed after they moved to the PS4 and MLB The Show 19 has just struggled. Implementing the directional on the web forced them to keep tweaking the zone hitting that these helpless directional hitters can compete and the hitting is in a pigeon hole it won't ever escape from.

They want everyone to think buy MLB 19 Stubs is massively improved but that I smell bullshit. I don't care about legends or what new diamond can be obtained. The hitting was a total random garbage shoot which literally had zero ability behind its outcome. Everyone's team was piled with horrible defending power hitters therefore it was just a mess of mistakes and homeruns. 18 was bad. I don't see MLB The Show 19 being any good.

Thank you for all this content, Koogs, good stuff. Hey, has there been any cited about knowing the handedness of the pitcher before MLB The Show 19 again in DD? I was bummed when they removed this. I understand it was to combat people stacking their lineups with lefties against righty pitchers and vice versa, but it is just not sensible not to understand the pitcher you're facing before MLB The Show 19 and being able to correct your lineup accordingly. You have your busy roster group when you go into a match, so it is your choice whether to have a balanced active roster or not.

I know for myselfpersonally, I would generally play realistically, with many regular players in my lineup which would play not matter the pitcher that they face, and that I might have a couple platoon men, depending on the handedness of pitcher my team confronts. For me, that has been more realistic and also fun to play some different lineups. I really wish they would change this back, at least some capacity. Have you heard anything regarding this??

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