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I buy these games for MLB The Show 19 play, not a couple additional features in franchise or road to the series. I don't see enough of an overhaul in terms of graphics or gameplay in the past 3 years to warrant a purchase. If they want to maintain the status quo I will only wait for next gen. It's something that's not a massive deal, but I'd really like to find antiques put into MLB The Show 19 Stubs! There are a whole lot of players that have tattoos and I believe that the attention to detail will only make MLB The Show 19 feel much more realistic!What I am curios about is will probably RTTS have realistic group rosters. For example in my existing RTTS I'm about the Red Sox and the outside field is Benny Betts and Harper, we have syndrgaard and snell. Can MLB The Show 19 have"contracts" in the sense if I am in the Phillies organization and it takes me five years to get brought up will probably Harper still be there as his contract lawfully has him.

Look the same and play the exact same for a short time. I havent seen half the crap in gameplay they say they inserted throughout the years. Commentary is still trash and MLB The Show 19 is overlooking a million animations. I still have men physically run through every other rounding bases in 18. They've come a long way since then. In the past few years it seems to be pretty much exactly the exact same game with few tweaks. But here is idea for Sony, how about we buy NEW ANNOUNCERS to get a change!! I've hear the same sound for the past 13 decades. Lets shift it up folks!

The way they market this mode, I'm wondering if that is eventually a sports game that I actually get. I think I have one Tiger Woods game a long time ago, and then even non sports lovers get racing games. There is an NHL game someplace and everyone has seen old NBA Jam games. However, I have mainly played Backyard or Mario sports matches and even then it was years back. I am very interested by MLB The Show 19 now for some reason.omg same dam commenters expect for your feminine. Change the damm commenters guy had same dude for last 10yrs lmfao. I ai not spending money on this sht. They just tweaked it just a bit that's it. Fcking Madden create more improvements then fcking Mlb the show. Same sht each year. It is not realistic same sht as last year.

I know your frustrations with the commentary but you've got to be high to think Madden makes more advancements compared to MLB the show.19 still bullsht, just lil bit more tweaks still same sht as 18, all these realistic matches and mlb 19 nevertheless behind. Not that sensible. Still missing alot of items out of realistic baseball. Robbing clients cash every fcking yr.complete overhaul with hitting and defense plus tens of thousands of new animations, and that's just gameplay improvements, no one is forcing you to buy MLB The Show 19 so just you are wasting your money if your buying it and are frustrated.

Place the ability in,I am a long time lover but enjoy last year likely not this year either!!

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