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Custom Coils Serves as a Leading Source of Value-Driven Custom Magnetics   Custom Coils is a leading manufacturer of transformers, inductors, and specialty magnetic components in the USA. Located in Alcester, South Dakota, the company owns a large and well-equipped facility of 17,000 sq. ft. where the conceptualization, designing, and manufacturing is conducted. Advanced manufacturing capabilities have helped the company emerge as a proven leader in the magnetics industry. Being an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, the company values quality and performance the most.   Product Offerings of Custom Coils Custom Coils specializes in the design and manufacturing of the following types of transformers: High Voltage Transformers: These transformers can be availed in a variety of output specifications with maximum output power up to 2000 VA, and output voltage up to 60 KV. Switch mode Transformers: These transformers are designed to be used within electronic applications within a switch mode power supply. Custom Coils provides these transformers in various sizes and designs. Flyback Transformers: Custom Coils has designed and delivered these transformers to its clients in the high voltage CRT industry. These transformers are widely used in switching power supplies, inverters, and converters, as well as communication and power application transformers. Trigger Pulse Transformers: These transformers are used in various applications to produce the voltage gradient for ionization. Typically, these voltage gradients are large. Step Up/Down Transformers: The transformers of this type are well-known for their durability and operational efficiency in extreme temperatures. Custom Coils supplies step up/step down transformers to power plants, substations, medical equipment, PCB circuit modules, etc. Toroidal Transformers: The Company designs and manufactures toroidal transformers in highly compact configurations for applications, where space is a constraint. These magnetic devices can be availed in different transformer core materials, such as powdered iron, silicon steel, moly- permalloy powder, ferrites, and nickel. Control Transformers: These devices are designed to facilitate the conversion of high voltage to low voltage. Custom Coils control transformers can easily withstand the high voltage peaks in industrial applications. Inverter Transformers: As the name suggest, these devices are used by various applications for converting the power from Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC). The inverter transformers from the company are suited for both – high and low power applications.    Low Profile (LPC) Transformers: The transformers of this type are especially suited for small spaces, as well as unusual installation spaces. These devices are sometimes referred to as flat transformers, and are used for minimizing the scope of the magnetic field in any application.   Ferrite Transformers: Designed for high-frequency applications, these transformers are equipped with ferrite cores. Custom Coils provides these transformers in standard, as well as custom designs with E-core, Pot core, and PQ cores to name a few. Pulse Transformers: The transformers of this type are mainly designed for applications that demand fast, yet powerful pulses for their load currents. The pulse transformers also provide dielectric isolation between power output circuits, and the drive controller.   Single Phase Transformers: Mainly designed for heavy and light duty applications, these transformers are widely used in the power generation and distribution industries. The Company helps its clients to customize their transformers with the package type PTH, insulation class, flying leads, and in safety standards of their choice. Specialty Transformers: These transformers can be designed as liquid filled, dry, and open types. Custom Coils provides these transformers in different materials of construction, and source core geometries. Isolation Transformers: The devices of this type are used to transfer electric power from an AC source to another circuit or component. This transformer is named so because, during the action, it helps isolate the internal circuitry from the mains power. Surface Mount Transformers: In these transformers, the components are mounted on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with other devices. These transformers may have different sizes, shapes, and configurations based on their application parameters such as impedance, operating frequency, power rating, current and voltage levels, and winding capacitance, bandwidths In addition to the transformers, the company also provides the following magnetic components: Antennas and Air Coils: The Company provides these coils in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. These antennas and air coils feature self-support coils, high turns count, and fine gauge wires. DC Igniters: Custom Coils specializes in the design and manufacturing of 12V DC igniters. These igniters are well-known for their special features such as internal reverse polarity protection, internal transient voltage protection, internal midpoint ground, etc. Downhole Applications: Downhole magnetics is one of the specializations of Custom Coils. Most of the downhole magnetics are designed for temperatures 200 °C and 220 °C, whereas some coils are also designed for 240 °C.     High Current Inductors: These inductors are designed for low voltage, high current power supplies. The current ratings for these high current inductors are above 100 Amps. Hydrogen Coils: The hydrogen generator coils provided by the company features 2000 turns of 23 AWG magnet wire, which are neatly wound around a ferrite toroid core. Special variations of these coils are also provided. Toroidal Inductors: Designed to protect and support the equipment from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), these inductors are widely utilized by several critical applications. Customized designs are also provided on the basis of specifications including tolerance, current rating, DC resistance, etc. Air Core Inductors: Also known as air core coils, these non-magnetic inductors are used in commercial and industrial applications with low inductance and high-frequency requirements.   Ferrite Inductors: Capable of meeting a wide range of inductance values, these magnetic devices are available in a variety of ferrite geometries. These inductors are used in both – high and low-frequency applications.    Power Inductors: These devices are designed for electrical circuits, which is regularly subjected to high current and voltage fluctuations without saturation. Power inductors can minimize the loss of signal in a system. Surface Mount Inductors: Regularly used in fluctuating power circuits to filter EMI currents with minimal inductance loss, these devices are majorly used in DC-to-DC and AC-to-DC conductors. Services Offered by Custom Coils The Company provides various types of services such as these: Winding Services Assisted Design Services Custom Prototyping Custom Test Suite Creation Through-hole PCB Assembly Reverse Engineering Custom Winding Component Assembly Transformer Lamination Molding and Encapsulation   Applications of Transformers Custom Coils regularly designs inductors and transformers for the following applications: Military Targeting Lasers Biomedical Lasers Laser Measuring Equipment Spark Switches Laser Flashtubes Industrial Cutting Lasers Xenon Lighting and Flash Tubes Camera Flashes Igniters Stun Gun/Shockers Warehouse Automation   Custom Coils has earned a reputation in the industry for delivering the highest quality products in standard and custom designs. The product engineers at the company work with clients to understand their requirements, and are committed to employing the proven technologies, and the highest quality materials during the manufacturing.  
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